Colour Therapy

We experience colours in a deep way, and colours can provide healing properties. Colours appeal to us and create feelings of well being.

Black minerals absorb all the light and are therefore suitable for stripping off excess energies. This effect is particularly noticeable with pain. Black absorbs excess energy, causing pain to disappear and relaxation set in. Tensions can be eliminated so helping us deal with stress, black minerals give us security and stability. Blacks can help bring matters out into the open and keeps away distractions.

Red minerals have a strongly stimulating effect, produce heat and speed up things. They stimulate activity, dark red stimulates activity of the heart while light red (pink) creates harmony in the heart. Red minerals make us more impulsive or extrovert. Pink makes you more sympathetic.

Orange minerals have a vitalizing effect. They stimulate circulation and energy throughout the body. They strengthen and protect the body. Orange minerals enhance quality of mind and puts us in a cheerful happy frame of mind. Orange provides us with energy and a state of peace.

Yellow minerals have a cheering effect and help create a positive attitude. Yellow can improve the digestion of food and supply energy to the body. Yellow minerals help us overcome depression and lend self confidence, trust and belief in our own success. It can make us aware of our desires and helps fight off harm.

Green minerals have a harmonising and neutralising effect. They encourage detoxification and regeneration of the body. Green releases emotions and makes emotions more intense. It encourages the imagination and creativity.

Blue minerals have a cooling and calmiing effect. Blue encourages relaxation, openness, honesty and accelerates instinctive reactions. Blue encourages balance, strength and equilibrium.

Violet minerals have a cleansing and freeing effect. They encourage brain activity, the nervous system and respiratory system. Violet lends relief in sorrow and helps dissolve trauma. It encourages memory, ideas and interactions with people. Violet lends spiritual freedom and brings empathy.

Clear, White and silver
These do not absorb light but reflect everything. This means they are neutral and guide the light to us that contains all possibilities. They support and enhance what is already there.

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